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UK Skilled Worker Visa for IT Professionals

The United Kingdom has recently made significant changes to its immigration rules, making it easier for skilled workers from around the world to migrate and work in the country. This presents a unique and exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to establish themselves in a new country and advance their careers. With the right guidance and support, navigating the application process can be a smooth and successful experience.

Why UK Skilled Worker Visa for IT professionals

Applying for a Skilled Worker Visa, also known as the Skilled Worker visa, offers several benefits and opportunities for experienced IT professionals/ techies. Here are some reasons why you might consider applying for a Tier-2 visa:

  • Work in the UK for 5 years: The Skilled Worker Visa allows you to work and reside in the UK for up to 5 years, with the possibility of extending your stay or applying for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) after completing a qualifying period. This provides an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and potentially progress in your career.


  • Faster decision on your application: Compared to some other visa categories, the Skilled Worker Visa visa often receives faster processing times. This means you may get a decision on your application relatively quickly, allowing you to plan and prepare for your move to the UK more efficiently.


  • Best route to migrate to the UK: The Skilled Worker Visa is considered one of the best routes to migrate to the UK, especially for skilled professionals. It allows you to legally live and work in the country, which can open up various opportunities for personal and professional growth.


  • Competitive salary potential: The average annual gross salary range for skilled workers in the UK, including those in the IT field, is often cited as £35,000 to £45,000. This salary level reflects the generally high standards of living and the competitive job market in the UK. Earning potential in the UK can be attractive for professionals seeking financial stability and career advancement.


  • Access to UK job market and opportunities: The UK has a thriving job market, particularly in sectors such as IT, finance, healthcare, and engineering. By securing a Skilled Worker Visa, you gain access to this market and can explore a wide range of job opportunities, potentially working with leading companies, accessing specialized industries, and collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds.


  • Quality of life and cultural experience: The UK offers a high quality of life, with a robust education system, universal healthcare (NHS), cultural diversity, historical landmarks, and a rich heritage. Living in the UK can provide you with a unique cultural experience and an opportunity to explore the country’s cities, countryside, and attractions.


In the UK, there is a demand for various IT skills that are highly sought after by employers. IT professionals seeking to work in the UK must obtain a Skilled Worker Visa which can be obtained if an individual has been offered a skilled job in the UK. The salary requirement for this visa is either £25,600 or the specific salary requirement for the occupation, known as the “going rate.”

The rapidly evolving landscape of technology has made IT and Tech skills indispensable for companies, as they strive to stay abreast of current trends. Presented below is a compilation of the most sought-after skills in the UK.

Data Science, AI ML, Python, Cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud Computing, RPA, DevOps, Big Data, Metaverse, AR VR & MX, Salesforce, SAP, Java, .Net, React JS, Angular JS, Node JS, and many more.


Job Title
Average starting salary

Dev Ops Engineer


Software Engineer


Python Developer


Data Scientist


Software Developer


Cyber Security Specialist


Mobile Application Developer



Most Common Skills
Top Hiring Locations
Remote Jobs    Availability

Information Technology

Machine Learning Engineer

Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Python

London, Cambridge, Edinburgh


Data Scientist

Software Engineer

Data Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer

Terraform, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

London, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne


DevOps Consultant

System Administrator

Salesforce Administrator Administration, Implementation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

London, Leeds, Sheffield


Salesforce Consultant

Customer Relationship Management Analyst

Business Analyst

Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision, OpenCV, Image Processing

London, Edinburgh, Cambridge


Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Engineer

Aache, Spark, Hadoop, Python

(Programming Language)

London, Edinburgh, Manchester


Data Analyst

Business Intelligence Developer

Back End Developer

Go (Programming Language), Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

London, Manchester, Glasgow


Full Stack Engineer

Web Developer

Some benefits of having a UK Skilled Worker Visa

  • Work in the UK: The Skilled Worker Visa allows you to legally work and reside in the UK. This can provide you with access to job opportunities in a country known for its strong economy and diverse industries.

    Long-term stay: The Skilled Worker Visa offers a pathway to live and work in the UK for an extended period. Successful applicants are typically granted an initial visa for up to five years, with the possibility of extension and the potential to eventually apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) and British citizenship.

    Flexibility to change jobs: Unlike previous iterations of the Tier 2 Visa, the Skilled Worker Visa allows for increased flexibility in changing employers. If you are already in the UK on this visa, you can switch jobs without needing to return to your home country to make a new visa application, subject to certain conditions.

    Dependent visas: The Skilled Worker Visa also enables dependents, such as spouses or children, to join you in the UK. They can apply for dependent visas, which allow them to live, study, and work in the country during your visa validity.

    Access to public services: While residing in the UK on a Skilled Worker Visa, you and your dependents generally have access to public services such as healthcare (National Health Service), education, and other social benefits, on par with UK citizens.

    Development and progression: The visa category allows you to gain valuable work experience and potentially advance your career while working in the UK. This can provide opportunities for professional development and open doors to further employment options.

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