About Us

About Us

We have established StudyAbroad7 for supporting aspiring Indian students with holistic guidance and preparation for pursuing education abroad. To fulfil this mission, we have invested in vertical integration at SA7 with in-house labs, industry, and knowledge partnerships to enable holistic student preparation.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, we take immense pride in successfully helping students to actualize their overseas education dreams, since 2021.

Our team of committed and experienced counsellors offer end-to-end counselling services for students looking to study in some of the most desirable study destinations in the world including the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and more.

We ensure our students receive informed counselling to find the best courses and institutions and to foster a sense of discovery with employability, resilience, or entrepreneurship.

Mission & Vision

At StudyAbroad7, we are committed to providing comprehensive International Education counseling and support services to young persons from India. Our goal is to empower and enable our students to gain an international qualification from a reputed and recognised institution by facilitating their admission and visa processing.

We ensure that our students receive informed and relevant counseling to find the best courses and institutions for them, and we strive to create meaningful learning opportunities and foster global citizenship, ethical thinking, and a sense of discovery and engagement.


Meet the Team

D. Kamal Bhushan

Founder & CEO

John Varughese

Chief International Officer

Prasad Garapati

Chief Visionary Officer

Vivek Rajsekhar

Chief Financial Officer


Head of IT



Kiran Kumar


Irene Pereira

Head of Student Delight




Premium Institutions @ Worldwide

As more destinations around the world develop world-class universities, there have never been so many attractive possibilities for international students. 


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