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What is the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)?

A Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) is an essential document issued by Client from the UK , confirming that we are sponsoring you for a work permit to work in the UK. It is required for your work permit application.

Will you assist with the work permit application?

Yes, we will guide you through the work permit application process and provide you with the necessary documents to support your application. Our processing team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless process.

Is there an interview process after landing in the UK?

Yes, once you have successfully obtained your work permit and arrive in the UK, we will conduct an in-person interview to further assess your skills and discuss the role in detail.

Will I need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)?

Yes, as part of our company policy agreement, you will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with StudyAbroad7, outlining the terms and conditions of your employment.

What documents are needed for the work permit application?

To begin the work permit application process, we will require the following documents:
1. A valid passport
2.Proof of your educational qualifications and professional certifications
3.Reference letters from previous employers, verifying your minimum 4 years of Power BI experience

Is a minimum of 4 years of Power BI experience mandatory?

While a minimum of 4 years of Power BI experience is preferred, we also consider applicants with an overall IT experience of 5+ years, which includes at least 3 years of Power BI expertise. We value diverse skill sets and understand that a strong IT background can complement proficiency in Power BI. So, if you have 5+ years of IT experience with at least 3 years dedicated to Power BI, we encourage you to apply and showcase your expertise in our selection process.

What is the timeline for the work permit application process?

The timeline for the work permit application process may take up to 2 to 3 months, but we will work diligently to expedite the process as much as possible. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed throughout the application journey.

Will you provide support for relocation and settling in the UK?

Absolutely! Our client will provide you with guidance and support throughout your relocation process, including assistance with finding accommodation and settling into your new work environment.

Is there any stipend provided by the client?

Certainly! The £1000 stipend is a relocation allowance provided by our client as an additional support to help you with initial settling-in expenses upon your arrival in the UK for next 3 Months.

Are there any processing fees associated with the work permit application?

Yes, there is a processing fee for the work permit application. The processing fee includes an amount of 20,000 INR. In addition to the processing fee, there are other associated costs such as the CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) fee, Visa Fee, Travel Insurance, Healthcare expenses, and any other relevant fees. These costs are essential to cover various aspects of the work permit application process and ensure a smooth and successful transition for the applicant. Rest assured, we will provide transparent information on all fees involved during the application process to ensure a clear understanding for all applicants.

Is there a payment required to be made to the client for the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)?

Yes, the charges for the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) may vary depending on the client's evaluation of the applicant's technical skills, experience, and performance in the assessment. If the client finds the applicant's profile impressive and believes they are a strong fit for the role, they may offer a favorable deal, which could include covering the COS expenses. Additionally, candidates may have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the package, including the COS arrangements, as part of the final job offer. Our team will support and guide candidates through the negotiation process to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial agreement with the client.

Is IELTS or TOEFL (English proficiency test) mandatory for the work permit application?

No, IELTS or TOEFL is not mandatory for the work permit application. Instead, a Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) can be provided. You can obtain the MOI from the college or university where you studied, verifying your English language proficiency. The MOI will serve as a suitable alternative to demonstrate your language skills for the work permit application.

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Pranay P

My experience with SA7 for UK work permit processing was exceptional. The level of professionalism and proficiency they demonstrated in providing me with their services for my UK work permit processing was unparalleled. Their meticulous planning and adherence to timelines was impressive, and I am delighted to say that with their able assistance, I have been able to achieve my aspiration of living and working in the United Kingdom.

Sireesh V

I must commend the UK work permit team for their impressive handling of my case. SA7's exceptional professionalism and proficiency in their services are commendable. Their ability to stay on top of timelines and deliver on every step of the process is truly remarkable. The favorable outcome I have achieved is a testament to their unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Subhash Reddy N

As a Senior Software Engineer seeking assistance with my UK work permit, finding SA7 for UK work permit services was a true blessing. Their professionalism and timely responses, coupled with their expert knowledge and efficiency, have been invaluable in facilitating the attainment of my work permit.

Surendar R

Initially, I harbored reservations regarding the prospect of obtaining a work permit for the UK. However, I am exceedingly grateful for having taken the leap of faith. The SA7 UK work permit team executed an exemplary job in processing my application. Their unfailing responsiveness to my inquiries and adherence to a timelier processing duration is commendable.

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